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I'm jenny and i've got a keene eye for words.

Copywriters are idea people. I know, I am one—that's my other job. But big ideas happen fast, and they change on the fly, and sometimes things like spelling, grammar, the correct "there," and consistent brand voice—you know, the "little" things that make you look like you've got your shit together—get lost in the shuffle!

That's where I come in. I've got over 5 years of experience proofing and copy editing in the ad agency world, on award-winning projects across all media. Clients have included Fortune 500 companies in just about every industry you can imagine, as well as tiny local brands that needed some love.

What sets ad agency work apart from other types of proofing and editing? For one thing, the pace. We know in advertising that the due date is always ASAP, so I am an extremely thorough and detail-oriented speed reader, and I know exactly how long it takes me to proof a deck, thus my estimates are very accurate. Secondly, pitches be crazy! I can't tell you how many all-nighters I've worked on new business pitches. Proofing is always the last or second-to-last step. I am a night owl, so I'm happy to step in on any late-night work! Finally, as a creative myself, I know when to leave the work alone. Not everything needs to be perfectly grammatically correct every time; sometimes it needs to sound natural and authentic, and true to the voice being conveyed. I know when to keep my hands to myself, or when to make a polite suggestion rather than a change. I've been there, I've been hurt before, too!

I'm available for remote work, or I can come to you if you've got a big pitch coming. I'm really looking forward to making you look good!

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